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Air Freight

Dear friends:

Are you want to buy in Taobao, but do not know how to transport to your door?

Don’t worry, we can help you to settel this question.

We can provide you with an address to help you collect the goods,and then delivery to your country by air freight.

Air transport is calculated as follows:

Express need to compare the Volume of weight and the Actual weight,
The Volume weight calculation method is: long * wide * high / 6000 in centimeters.
Such as: box size: 50 * 60 * 50/6000 = 25KG,and the real weight is: 20KG.This will be 25kg calculate the freight.
If the volume weight is the same as the actual weight, or less than the actual weight, the freight will be calculated on the actual weight.
If the goods are multiple boxes, it is superimposed to calculate the freight.

One-Stop Service which means that Customers just need to do two things,as the following:
(1) Let the sellers send goods to our warehouse.
(2) Fill in a Packing List(We will provide a copy of the template).
We do import and export, customs clearance, shipping, delivery and everything.

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